Death's White Crow

Twisted insanity, falling humanity

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I’m still trying to accept this ‘you were right’ thing. I thought you were screwing around with me, throwing this at me and ‘This is your person’. But

You weren’t. I can’t believe it. I shouldn’t doubt you. I really shouldn’t.

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Have you visited my Shrine of Anubis Tarot Shop yet?!

I have about 4 and a half years of experience in the tarot as well as the oracle, and along the years I have offered readings for hundreds of people, both online and in person. All the card decks I currently have available are the ones pictured above. The following spreads above can be done with oracle cards as well.

All the current full card spreads I offer are in-depth written readings (via email in a PDF document with pictures attached), I also offer even more in-depth sessions with unlimited cards via Skype or Google+ Hangout for those who would like to connect more personally with me.

If you’d like to know how my written readings are like, please head over to my tags “Heidi does divination” to see how I do them and “Heidi gets feedback” to read what others have been saying, and if your heart feels guided, feel free to book a reading with me today!

PS: I know my shop is new, and thus I don’t have many card spreads available yet. If you’d like, feel free to let me know which card spreads YOU would like to see in my shop! I am always looking forward to your suggestions, you all matter to me! :3 ♥